Health Care

You can count on Neff’s experience with over-the-counter or behind-the-counter packaging solutions.

Neff uses specialty coatings, printing, embossing and holographic production techniques to provide our clients with the brand enhancing packaging to help them win the "First Moment of Truth" at retail.

Whether developing cartons, printed inserts, or mailers, we offer expertise in brand enhancing, tamper-evident, and anti-counterfeit packaging, as well as requiring serialization.

Medical Devices

Neff has experience with packaging for sterile implants and infection control products for use by hospitals and alternate-site healthcare facilities.

We adhere to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP):

  • We are able to meet the stringent requirements in areas of sterility, drop testing, and ease-of-use in hospital and surgical applications.
  • We have capabilities on fluted material when extra strength and protection is required for sensitive or delicate medical devices.
  • We can provide lot traceability back to our raw material suppliers and provide barcode scanning features to assist  you in reaching your intended market.
  • Customized anti-counterfeit measures assist in managing the threat of global counterfeiting.



Neff adds Scodix Ultra Pro™ digital press for polymer, foil, and high gloss effects.

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