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Welcome Back to Direct Mailing of Samples!
Finally, a sample mailer that meets postal regulations, mails at low cost, and has a large billboard space for printing!

Key Advantages

  • USPS Approved for Sachet Mailing
  • Mails at Automated Letter Rate – $0.22–0.27 (depending on mailing list)
  • Large Billboard Space – outside and inside printing opportunities
  • Secure Sample Section – ideal for liquids and powders
  • Recyclable Board & Film
  • Couponing Available
  • Easy to Open
  • Many Sizes
  • U.S.  Patent No. #10065765 and #RE46998

Count on Saving with SafeMailer™

Unlike most packets that mail as automated flats at 50 cents each, SafeMailer™s are mailed at 25 cents each! That’s a postage savings of $250,000 for a mailing of one million samples!!!

Compare SafeMailer™

2,000,000 Production Run – Benchmark Pricing

SafeMailer™ vs DTC = $400,000 Savings            
SafeMailer™ vs Carton = $860,000 Savings

Case Study

A major consumer products company with an exciting new product line was looking for an effective and cost saving new production introduction and wanted to accomplish this using direct mail samples.

SafeMailer™ was chosen as the sampling package based on successful focus group testing.  1.5 million SafeMailer™ packages were mailed to selected consumers.


  • Sales increased 17% over previous quarter.
  • Coupon redemption was the highest in the history of the company (more than three times other promotions).
  • A postage savings of over $300,000 dollars was realized by using the SafeMailer™ compared to other sampling vehicles.
  • Openership was reported to be five times greater than previous promotions.

Marketing Manager:
“This promotional project was the most successful in the history of our company.”

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SafeMailer™ Presentation.




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