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SafeMailer ™ Case Study

Challenge: A major consumer packaged goods company chose SafeMailer to help generate higher sample open rates and coupon usage rates to increase sales. SafeMailer (selected based on focus group results) was mailed to 1.5 million consumers.

Program Results

  • SALES: Sales increased 17%.
  • OPEN RATES: SafeMailer was opened 5 times more (than previous promotions).
  • COUPON REDEMPTION: Coupon redemptions were 3 times higher (than other similar promotions), and the highest in the history of the company.
  • POSTAL SAVINGS: Over $300,000 in postal savings were realized versus their prior sampling vehicle.

According to the Marketing Manager: 
“This promotional project was the most successful in the history of our company.”

Rihanna packaging

Rihanna packaging

Black OPS: New product introduction with dramatic material

Black OPS



Neff adds Scodix Ultra Pro™ digital press for polymer, foil, and high gloss effects.

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